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What is concrete made from?

Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, rock, and water. Concrete may also contain other ingredients added into the mixtures for structural stability.

So concrete and cement aren’t the same thing?

Cement is an ingredient in concrete. It’s the flour in the cake.

When do I not pay a load minimum?

When you get 6 yards or more.

When does winter service begin?

Winter service runs from November 1st to April 1st.

How many yards do I need?

Simply take your measurements and use our handy volume calculator link. Don’t forget to add some extra as some will remain in the truck and/or pump.

What can I do to prevent cracking?

Shrinkage cracking may occur during the hydration process, this is especially prevalent with pea gravel due to its high water content. Ask our dispatcher if residential or commercial fibers are for you.

Do you form and finish the concrete?

No, we are a ready-mix concrete supplier. The contractor gets the job-ready, we deliver the concrete and their team does the rest.

How much is a yard of concrete?

Pricing can vary depending on your location or how far you are from our facility. Please call us at (313) 989-0425 to talk to a sales rep. Or request an estimate and a sales rep will get back to you.

How strong does my concrete need to be for my project?

Depending on the requirements for your project, we can help you find the best mix that will obey your local building codes are architectural plans. Simply give us a call and we will be happy to help.

What is the most you can carry in a truck?

The minimum load is 2 yards to ensure quality. Our trucks can transport up to 11 yards per load.

Where do you deliver concrete to?

Metro Detroit Area, including Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb Counties.